Collectively, Mary and Jacque have over 65 years in the beauty industry, which has been a journey filled with blessings.  Being given the opportunity to share life with so many people on a daily basis is what continues to drive them to find more ways to improve the client experience and also to create a work environment that employees look forward to coming to.  Most of our own clients don't even know that years ago, Mary was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer at the age of 37.  After going through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, Mary lost all of her hair and found herself having to resort to wearing hair, which she faced gracefully and was able to have fun with it, in spite of all of the other symptoms she was experiencing.  Her faith gives her an uncanny ability to face life head on and Jacque loves to tell her story, since she is too modest to tell about it herself.

Hair loss has never been an easy issue to address with any client and over the past few years, the number of women losing their hair has been steadily increasing.  The nationwide statistic is currently 1 in 4 women, between the ages of 20-65 are losing their hair.  Mary and Jacque, along with other staff members, felt a great need to come up with some solutions.  They attended their first hair loss summit in Atlanta, Georgia in September of 2018 and since then, have been studying and attending trainings with leaders in the industry.  They are currently members of Hair Loss University with Jeffrey Paul, founder of Wigs for Kids, industry partners with Sherri Renee, Core Certified with Jon Reneau, and members of The American Hair Loss Council.

They believe that hair is rooted not only to the follicle, but to the soul.  Hair is an outward expression of the inner self and the loss of it, whether gradual or sudden, can be devastating.  Because they also believe that education is one of the greatest reasons for their success, they are committed to being on a continual search for the best solutions to hair thinning and hair loss for those who are affected by it.



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